Permeability barrier in the mantle epithelium lining the testis in the apple-snail Pomacea canaliculata (GASTROPODA: AMPULLARIIDAE)

E. A. Albrecht, J. C. Cavicchia
Kyushu National Agricultural Experiment Station, Nishigoshi, Kumamoto 861-1192, Japan
e-mail: yusa@knaes. affrc.gojp



Antercellular junctions are studied in the epithelium lining the testis of the freshwater snail Pomacea canaliculata by conventional staining and lanthanum tracer techniques. The junctional complex consists of belt desmosomes and septate junctions. Septate junctions are of the pleated-sheet type and they are constantly associated with mitochondria. Gap and tight junctions appear to be absent. These septate junctions seem to be the structural correlate of an epithelial permeability barrier that separate the testis from the extrapallial space where the shell elements. are deposited. These junctions may contribute to a functional barrier in the male gonad of Pomacea canaliculata. The results indicate that freshwater prosobranchs have junctional structures very close to those found in other molluscs.

Tissue & Cell 2001 33(2) 148-153.

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