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Look back in time: in the early days

The website

In fall 1997 after the purchase of some apple snails, the initial idea to start a website about these snails came to my mind. The first acceptable version was launched in March 1998 on a small, free website account (original address:
Later on, may 2000, I managed to get a sponsorship contract with and got more webspace available (
However, that wasn't enough after a while, so finally in February 2001, I decided to invest some real money and got my own domain ( Now I finally had the possibility to run scripts etc. So the message board came in... and it was and is a big success. I never though that so many people wanted to communicate about apple snails....
Recently I upgraded the account, which has been made possible by donations from some very supportive snail fans (thanks!).


The visitors (you)

In the early days (1998), the website had about 8 visitors/day. The number of people that came aware of grew quickly and around summer 2000, 160 visits/day became common. However, the biggest growth started in 2001. In the months after the launch of the discussion board, the visitors rate increased to 320 visitors/day.
At the moment, after some number crunching on the log files, it turns out that around 640 people visit the website each and every day. And the number is still increasing steadily...


What is about? is a voluntairy, non-profit project with as main aim to provide free and valuable information about apple snails to the general public. This can be the hobbiist who wants to take optimal care for his pet, as well the farmer in the thirth world, facing a major threat as his rice seedlings are eaten away by these snails.



In my personal opinion, should stay on the web as long as possible. Ultimately I'm planning to release the whole website under some kind of open licence, so that all this information will be free forever. Yet, I haven't done so, although I insist on the use of the gathered information for whatever purpose and I encourage the use of illustrations and photographs for non-commercial use.
In any case, I'm looking to the future with optimism and over 5 years, we can celebrate 10 years!


Can you help?

The main concept is that the information provided on should be free and that everyone should have access and be able to participate in on-line discussion about these snails. Nevertheless, there is some money involved (webhosting bills, the fees for the scientific articles, the costs of making photographs etc.). If you like this website, feel free to donate some money. Even small amounts can help a lot.
Keep in mind that I don't want to push anyone to donate money, so don't feel urged to do so. (I don't want to beg for money, I hate that).

If you'd like to support, please click on the Paypal button below. You will be directed to a secure website where donations of any size can be made quickly, safely, and easily. If you'd like to be listed as a donor, .


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All donations made to will go towards the costs of maintaining this website.


Thank you all for visiting and to participate in the community that has gathered around these fascinating snails!



Stijn Ghesquiere
Author and webmaster of