Dead snail,

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Dead snail,

Postby BlackGoldMysterys on Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:11 am

I came home today to find my snail Upi dead, another snail was eating him. He was my smallest snail. I have been noticing him always in his shell. Also the collor on his shell was decaying off, though no holes. But luckily none of my other snails were affected. What happend? My water is fine, and my amonia. I feed them spinach, and shrimp pellets. With flakes, zuchinni, ect. (not all of these everyday) ha ha. Upi has been acting like this since I got him four weeks ago. I put in liquid bacteria when I clean the tank. I hope I am doing everything okay. :(
-Black Gold
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Parent snail
Parent snail
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