RIP Billy and Suzi

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RIP Billy and Suzi

Postby Wendylou on Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:09 am

It's sad that my post on your message board is in the snail graveyard. I had 2 apple snails, an ivory and a blue, a trumpet snail, and 2 evil pond snails (didn't know they were evil at the time). I went from a 1/2 gallon beta tank to a 2 gallon under filter tank with an air stone. Everything was great for the 1st hour in their new home and then no movement from anyone. I moved them to the old tank, changed the water in the new one to make sure it was ok, and put everyone back. Oh and added a 3rd apple snail Mary gold apple snail. Mary and Squiggles the trumpet snail are fine, but I lost Billy, Suzi and the evil pond snail twins, Miles and Lucas. Then in the old tank, boom 26 evil pond snail babies. I see 2 in the new tank and will remove them when I can and I scoop out the pond snail eggs when I see them, don't want anymore of them.

Currently I still have squiggles and Mary gold apple snail. And I have Darnell black apple snail, June Bug baby apple snail, and Jacques the shrimp
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Little snail
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