RIP my little friend

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RIP my little friend

Postby xXColtzFanXx on Sat May 21, 2011 6:29 pm

So the last few days I hadnt seen one of my adult golden apples and since I only have the pair in that comunity tank, (all their babies are in a nursery tank, at least Ill have them as a memory) It was starting to bother me. So I did a whole tank clean everybody out, gravel cleaning, 75% water change, (its an established tank so I only do a 10% water change once a week and every other week I change the filter) scrubing everything and I found my snail under one of my tank ordiments. It was laying out of it's shell and the door was nearly detached. Im guessing a tank mate (one of my fish) might have gotten to it a little after it died. Im not sure what happened but it did have a small hole it its shell. On inspection its mate does to, Im off to the store to get Marine Epoxy Putty to make sure that doesnt get worse its tiny but now im paranoid. I was really bummed out they were my first snails and I relise they dont live forever but I wasnt expecting it, they were so happy laying eggs scooting around the tank. I knew somthing was wrong when it disapeared. *sigh* I burried him in the back yard and intend to pick up one of those painted garden rocks (i suppose I could make one but i want it to be nice) as a marker. I miss him I know he wasnt like a dog but i was attached anyway. I feel awful I keep thinking I could have done somthing ...
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