RIP Rose

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RIP Rose

Postby WeeSnail on Mon May 27, 2013 7:01 pm

Last week I noticed that Rose looked like time was taking it's toll. I have had her since October and she was very big at the time but I loved her Red colouring so brought her home! She was very quiet for a couple of weeks then her personality came through! She loved to para-snail and was one of my only snails to funnel food from the top of the tank.
She has given me at least 4 clutches with beautiful offspring (purples and reds, plus all other colours).
She slowed down clutch output (thankfully) in April and I thought maybe she was just slowing down. Two weeks ago she laid a clutch under the tank lid (her favourite spot) and I thought she might have been rested enough and perhaps the worst was behind us. At that time though she still looked slow and not as much energy as she usually has.
Last Wednesday I left for a week in Ottawa and my son (17) looked after the tanks for me. When I came home last night he told me that he thought there was something wrong with Rose and she was on the bottom with her shell half closed. She had been like that since Saturday. Sadly Rose had passed away. :sad2:
Many thanks to everyone out there who adopted Roses babies and hopefully they will provide you with entertainment as Rose did for me.
Rest In Peace Rose

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Re: RIP Rose

Postby lesley on Tue May 28, 2013 10:57 pm

Sorry for your loss :( she had some beautiful babies. RIP Rose
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