Shipping permit change

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Shipping permit change

Postby pbgroupie on Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:09 pm

I spoke with Dr. LC Soileau from USDA/aphis this morning and she confirmed that they will be making a formal announcement in the next few months that permits will no longer be required for the pomecea bridgesii/diffusa snails. Most permits that were issued during the first year they were required expire this year. You do not have to renew your permit when it expires. If you feel more comfortable getting a "Letter of No Jurisdiction" then you may submit an application for a permit and they will send you one.

You should now be able to ship baby pomecea bridgesii/diffusa snails and clutches once again. This is also good news for those people who wanted to ship permitted snails but didn't want to go through the lengthy permit application process. You will still need to contact USDA/aphis if you wish to import permitted snail into the country (and yes, this means any shipments from Canada). If they catch a shipment coming in without a permit they will toss the animals into an incinerator.
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