Permit reapplication alert

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Permit reapplication alert

Postby pbgroupie on Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:10 pm

I received a call today from the always delightful Dr. LC Soileau from the USDA/aphis asking me to alert our members that there may be an automatically generated e-mail that you may receive when your current shipping permit for the pomecea bridgesii (aka diffusa) expires. Do not panic! They have not gone back on their word and required permits again. It is a "glitch" in the system that automatically sends out the warning e-mails when a permit is about to expire. So if you applied for 48 states worth of permits you may get 48 e-mails. Don't shoot the messangers! :err:

If you forgot you don't need a permit anymore, please check out this thread:
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