Colouring plates

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Colouring plates

Postby Stijn on Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:35 am

Missy (Snailuv82) suggested a few weeks ago to add snail colouring plates to the website.

My question:
What would you think about having colour plates on the website?
(The section is already added under the 'various section' of the website.)

My request:
If you have colouring plates to donate to add to the website, please do so!

How to add:
Mail the pictures in preferably high quality to:
stijn addsign applesnail dot net
or send a pm to Stijn

Whatever pixel format you wish
or vectorformats: illustrator, coreldraw

Legal tidbits:
Only submit pictures, that are either available for free (which licence, please add), or that you have copyright over yourself.
Also, if you donate colour plates, you should allow me to release them under a open source like licence (non-commercial) in the future (this to avoid them to be removed at that time).
You get the credits and retain the copyright to use them like you wish (if you made the picture, it remains yours). You only allow it's use by others for non-commercial purposes and with cedits retained.
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