new brigs egg hatcher set up

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Postby Hermoine on Fri May 05, 2006 6:12 am

I made one with a piece of styrofoam that was used as packing. It is kind of octagonal with the center gone. I used silicone to glue the plastic canvas to it and it floats nicely inside of a plastic container. I do have trouble with the heat. I would have to keep the light on 24/7 to keep the temp up. The tank is getting a lot of algae on the glass with all that light. Also, the plants have a yucky mess on the roots. How long does it take to hatch at 70F? It has been 14 days for the first clutch.

Is it necessary to mist them if you keep them in the main tank? There is plenty of humidity in the container.

I just can't wait, how do I tell if I need to open and check the inside eggs?

It is great to read all your info.
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My little hatchery...

Postby sarbear on Mon May 08, 2006 9:01 am

I just set up a little 10 gallon tank to act as a hatchery for my 12 brig and 2 spixi clutches. Of course, I'm quickly realizing that this will soon be woefully inadequate and will be giving some clutches away soon! Anyway, I put ina 50 watt sbmersible aquarium heater, crushed coral substrate, and a thermometer - that's all. No lid, no light (there's a lamp on the dresser next to the tank) and no filter yet, though I have a Penguin 100 bio-wheel ready to go into it when the babies get big enough to really produce some waste. I glued two styro "pontoons" to the ends of a piece of #7 plastic canvas, laid all my clutches on that and covered the whole tank with Glad plastic wrap which I remove once or twice a day to mist the clutches with tank water and generally check on them (gaze at them lovingly, etc.). The spixi clutches are sitting on a large flat rock on the bottom of the tank. The heater keeps everything warm and humid and I must be doing something right, because the first clutch hatched today, and we seem to have about 70 or 80 babies all over the tank! The whole setup cost under $30 at Petsmart. Still haven't figured out the feeding situation yet...I put in part of a Hikari algae tab today, but I don't think any of them found it yet. Advice needed on that one.
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