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Petco abuse/neglect and help

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 7:06 pm
by Daddyo72
Well I went to shop at Petco yesterday and I saw some snails labeled " Black and gold mystery snails." The blacks aren't that bad where as the gold had parts of broken shells everywhere. I noticed a large cluster trying to mate so I bought them. One of the ones i rescued has a broken spot over his lung. It isn't deflated and he seems to be doing just fine, but I'm curious if it will heal. I'm feeding him and all of them spinach ATM. will he heal? I do all reef calcium to the water to help build stronger shells.

This Petco had NO HEAT FOR 3 DAYS! When they tried to start it they had a gas leak. They had broken a water pipe in the new livestock room and to my dismay had all these birds that were soaked being removed to other parts of their 50 degree store. The parrots were puffed up. The herps were motionless and I felt for the dogs and cats.

1)Will my snail heal?

2)Am I feeding him OK?

3)Is it OK to be adding the reef calcium?
Thank you.
This was a bit of a mixed bag of abuse, neglect and help needed to I placed it here.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:41 pm
by terribryant
Is the body exposed where the shell is broken? If not then it should be fine.
Spinach is fine, there is debate though on it blocking calcium absorption so I would give more variety. They love algae wafers. There's a sticky post in the care section with lots of feeding tips.

Reef calcium is fine too - I've used it myself.

Hopefully that store is doing it's best to get everything fixed. Sounds like they need a full time maintenance person!


PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:58 pm
by Daddyo72
I took the liberty of borrowing one of you pics terry to show where my break/missing piece is. See the picsture below? It is a the base very near where the curl starts but not in the curl. It appears to be his foot or part of it that sticks out.Full credit to terry for the pics. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed it to make a point. Thank you. :snail:
Beautiful pic BTW.:) I use algae wafers as well. I think I'm becoming a hopeless snail addict. :snail: :dance:
BTW. My PH last I checked was near 8 if memory serves. Is that ok?


PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 4:25 am
by luvfishies
If I'm understanding it right, the break is near the leading edge of the shell? If so, it should heal up nicely, left alone.

Your pH is fine, as is adding the reef calcium.

I'd also feed more variety, and make spinach a very small part of the diet.

I feed fish flakes, sinking bottom feeder tabs, algae tabs, carnivore pellets, shrimp pellets, goldfish/koi pellets, frozen bloodworms, Bearded Dragon Pellets, Iguana Pellets, and any other dried/prepared "fish" foods I have hangin around.

For veggies, they get Kale, Dandelion Leaves, Romaine Lettuce, carrot, butternut squash, rinsed canned green beans, frozen peas, grapes, apples, zucchini, brocolli stems, etc etc etc. Blanched, or frozen then thawed.

Actually, the vast majority of the veggie/fruit in their diet comes from my own homemade Snail Bikkies (biscuits).

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 4:29 am
by Daddyo72
Thank you so much. I'm really developing a obsession with them. :D

PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 4:35 am
by luvfishies
Daddyo72 wrote:Thank you so much. I'm really developing a obsession with them. :D

LOL welcome to the club!

It's easy to get hooked on the little slimers, isn't it? :D