My local PetSmart and LFS

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My local PetSmart and LFS

Postby nachoqtpie on Mon May 17, 2010 2:31 pm

Well, there for a while the PetSmart fish dept were getting the coffee ready for us every morning. Like clockwork, we were in there, every day, for about 2-3 weeks. I would read something on here and we (my friend and I) wanted to try it, so we would go to PetSmart and get this or that. One of the girls there is such a super sweetie! She has one apple snail and we spent alot of time talking and we got to be where I could pretty much trust what she was saying. She really was impressed when I came in one day and they were doing some feeding, and I asked her why the snails didn't have any food, or a weekend feeder at the very least. She then told me that they do put a weekend feeder in the tank with them at night and that they get a cucumber as well. I talked to her about how the food needs to be blanched and that if it's not the snails just can't get their teeth through it. She said that she didn't know that and that she would talk to her boss about it. I also told her that I would print up a care sheet for her and bring it in to the store for the employees and to give to people when they buy a snail. She said that she would really appreciate it and that she would make sure that her boss got one as well and that they made copies. This made me very happy that, at the very least, she is willing to make sure that these snails get a happy, healthy home.

We also frequent our two LFS! One of them, I just hate going to! I honestly do, but it seems like we have the best luck with their snails! :lol: The owner/manager is an okay guy. He really knows his stuff about animals. It's just the workers don't really seem to care. All of the cats and dogs are overpriced, and I've heard some really bad things about people buying dogs from them and they get very sick afterwards. I wouldn't buy a cat or dog from a pet store. My hubs and I rescue our animals. (1 American Eskimo puppy, who's now 3, rescued from the pound, and 2 adopted retired Greyhounds.) Their tanks are always clean tho! All of the snails I've ever bought from there were healthy and are still alive! (Except TaHula... but I think that had something to do with the boys... LOL) Which is more than I can say about Lucky (from WalMart) and for several my friend bought from PetSmart.
The other LFS is FANTASTIC! We LOVE this guy! He wants to buy some of the apple snails when they get to be big enough to sell. He thought that they were illegal because he hasn't seen them on any of his vendor lists. I told him about the different types of Pomacea and how Cana's are the only ones that are illegal to ship across state lines and how they will eat any and all plant matter, but the bridg doesn't eat any plant life unless it's decaying. He was more than interested in learning more, and I told him that I would print up a care sheet for him, and referred him here as well! Which is why we love this guy SO much! His tanks are ALWAYS clean! His fish are ALWAYS healthy! His workers are knowledgeable, and some will downright refuse to sell you an animal that they don't feel has every chance at survival. One of the workers told me a story about how a guy came in and bought a brand new salt water tank set up, had never worked with salt water before, knew virtually nothing about them, but he thought they were nice to look at and bought one. Then he proceeded to want to buy one of the hardest salt water fish to keep alive, along with several fish that would have just been food for it anyways (I don't remember what they were). He told him that he needed to establish his tank first, and that after he had established his tank, if he still wanted the big expensive fish, to come back and see him. How great is that?! (for the fish at least!! LOL)

So, from this site, I have been able to educate at least 2 of the 3 places here in town. I'm so glad that you all are here to help me learn more, and to teach more to others!! Thanks guys!
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Re: My local PetSmart and LFS

Postby Kassidy411 on Mon May 17, 2010 10:58 pm

:) Im very happy that you told petsmart that! Now their snails are in top form!
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