So tired of incompetent employees with snails (rant).

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So tired of incompetent employees with snails (rant).

Postby Nerite and Apple Mom on Thu Jan 19, 2012 11:24 pm

I went out and got a few horned nerite snails to clean up the algae in my tank, since one of the local stores finally got them in. I acclimated them (getting them used to the temperature, pouring water into the bag from the tank) you know, so I didn't shock their systems and kill them. I did this over the course of four hours since our PH levels are VERY different. They died only three days after I brought them home. My ammonia and nitrites were 0, the tank is live planted, completely cycled, PH is at 7.5. So I called the store to see what they could do about it. There are only two people there that know aquatics well, but I couldn't remember their names because they don't usually wear name tags at the store, and I'm terrible with names. They basically get this tone of "this idiot killed their aquatics and now it's our fault", and tell me that my PH of 7.5 is "way too high for freshwater aquatics". They then go on to say "you took to long to acclimated them. They only need to acclimate to the temperature of the tank which only takes 5 - 10 minutes. PH has nothing to do with the hardness of the water, and yours is far too high". One of the people working in the fish part has also told me snails don't need a food source other than what food the fish don't eat that falls to the bottom and that you don't need to add calcium to the tanks (this was after I got the horned nerites). :toomuch: .No wonder lately I keep seeing all these dead snails in their tanks. I just assumed they were DOA since their tanks are always clean and never cloudy/murky.

I did go down there and was lucky enough to run into one of the guys that knows me as a customer there (I've been a customer for years, but there are three employees that always seem to remember me because we've talked about animal things when it hasn't been busy), knows that I really care about my animals and also knows aquatics. He agreed that they shouldn't have died after only two days and said the acclimation process and my tank parameters were just fine. He picked me out the two liveliest (they were actively eating algae and moving fast) ones with the most horns. I'm so glad he was in. This place and Petco are the only places in the entire county that sell fish supplies and have a good variety of supplies for non dog and cat animals, so if I need something important fast these are my options.
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