The Snictionary (Snail Dictionary)

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The Snictionary (Snail Dictionary)

Postby pbgroupie on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:46 pm

AA (Applesnails Anonymous) support group for snail addiction
bridg, brig Pomacea bridgesii (now known as Pomecea diffusa)
brigbies baby brigs
cana Pomacea canaliculata
flailing the act by deliberate means or by accident of a snail floating
flapple Florida applesnail (Pomacea paludosa)
flappling baby flapple
marisa Marisa cornuarietis
MTS (multiple tank syndrome) common amongst snailers
MTS Melanoides tuberculata
parasnailing the act of gliding through the water, controlling the rate of fall with extended foot; akin to parasailing by humans
snail pile formed when a group of snails climb on top of each other (usually involves food)
snailer a person who keep snails; a snail who is on a boat
snailatrooper a snail who jumps off the glass and glides to the bottom with foot extended (see parasnailing)
snailfish a snail in the act of hogging food and won't share (usually cana)
snailien an extra-terrestrial snail
snailinator a snail that bulldozes tank decorations and uproots plants; after tank is redecorated can be heard to say "I'll be back"
snailish snail-like; the language spoken by snails
snaitor a traitorous snail
snaitriot a patriotic snail or snail owner
snafia an underground organization headed up by criminal snails with the express purpose of extorting squash, prime egg laying territory, and goldfish insurance from law abiding and good natured snails
snangel a divine snail; the kind of snail you will always remember; a snail that has crossed the rainbow bridge
snarvard and snale two prestigious snail universities
snaton evil snail that gets others to do his/her bidding and grins when they take the blame
snavy, snaval a fleet of ships being sailed by snails; pertaining to the snavy
snavel the spire of a snail
snello; snelly snail jello or snail jelly
snever also known as snail fever; symptoms include separation anxiety by humans, and sitting in the dark in front of the tank for hours
sniggy a snail that hogs all the food
snigglet baby sniggy
snilly snail silliness
sninja a snail ninja; generally harmless to humans; have been known to stealthily slip out of aquariums unnoticed to enact secret foul deed for their masters
snorno pictures of snail mating rituals
squash rings similar to crop circles; appear in snail tanks almost overnight; suggested by the possible existance of snailiens

This tongue-in-cheek compilation was culled from posts on the forum. Other terms with meanings:


dsp dark striped purple, purple shell with purple/brown stripes and a dark foot
dsp csb dark striped purple with a clear shell base, clear shell with purple stripes and a dark foot
lsp light striped purple, white or clear shell with magenta to light pink stripes that may bleed into the shell base and a light foot

lfs, lps local fish store or local pet store (shop)
pest snails any group of snails that can overrun a tank, usually the lymnea stagnalis (pond snail), physa acuta (tadpole or football-shaped snail), or planorbis species (small ramshorn snail, not to be confused with Marisa).
hob, hot hang on back or hang off tank, type of filter used
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Re: The Snictionary (Snail Dictionary)

Postby lori on Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:58 pm

I hope this is ok, but I have a couple others...
Snurfing: snail gliding through water on vegetable slice, usually propelled by bubbles.
Snetal Position: The scared, not-so-healthy position usually seen at pet stores in which there are agressive fish in the tank and not enough food. Snail is usually on it's side, withdrawn into it's shell praying for it to be over quickly :cry:
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Re: The Snictionary (Snail Dictionary)

Postby Lupin on Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:52 pm

Now we have a new term, snictionary too. :o

Well done, Suz! :dance:
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Re: The Snictionary (Snail Dictionary)

Postby Samidolls on Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:22 pm

may i also add
snig: snail tig often obsevred in times of play!
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