New snail floating half in half out; can't keep snails alive

All about health problems of your snails (shell holes, inactivity etc.).
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New snail floating half in half out; can't keep snails alive

Postby laurablue on Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:26 am

I know there are other posts on this topic but I wanted to start my own since I have not been able to keep a snail alive since my dear Sonic died last spring. :-( I have a 5 gallon tank, plastic plants. It has a bubbler, and right now the heater is off since it got too hot. I have two guppies too. The temp is around 75 Degrees. I just tested my water using the API liquid test kits: pH 8.2. ammonia less than .25 but not quite 0. Nitrites 0. Nitrates 5. Copper 0. The snail is an apple snail and was very active at the fish store (a boutique, not a chain). He's a bit smaller than a quarter. I got him Sunday and acclimated him by floating him in his bag for 30 mins, then gradually introducing the tank water every 30 mins to 60 mins until the bag was full of tank water, then I put him in. He zoomed around, and I fed him some Snello which he ate. Later that evening, he latched on to the side of the tank at the water line for several hours. In the morning, he was floating, and has been floating ever since. He comes out and goes back in, but is very slow to respond if I lightly touch his foot. Now, he is in his own bowl with leftover water from a recent water change (which I condition with PRIME and a bacteria supplement). He's right next to an algae wafer but shows no interest. He opens up for a bit then closes back up.

This has happened to every single snail I've tried :-( What is wrong with my tank? Any advice? Is it possible to use too much Prime? I only put a few drops in since I do a max of 2 gallon change, and the Prime directions say a capful for 50 gallons...

Help? Thank you!
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