Asolene (Asolene) platae (Maton, 1809)



Asolene platae
Asolene (Asolene) platae, Argentina. Note that this shell is much lighter in colour and has a more elonguated appearance than a typical platae.
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Shell: The shell in Asolene platae is relatively thick and heavy, the aperture (shell opening) is round to oval in shape, in which the corneous operculum can be retracted. The sutures are relatively flat and the umbilicus is closed.
The shell surface is smooth and has a brown to screamy white colour with faint to sharp, dark brown spiral stripes on it.
Operculum: The corneous, medium thick operculum is concentric in construction with the nucleus located near the center of the shell (towards the columella).

Body: ?

Eggs: The eggs are deposited below the water surface on objects or vegetation and are embedded in a gelatinous mass.

Distribution: Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires City, Argentina




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