Pila pesmei (Morelet, 1889)



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Shell: Pila pesmei is one of the smaller snail from this genus (29-33 mm high, 25-31 mm wide). The shell is globose and has an oval shell opening (aperture). The umbilicus is narrow and almost closed. The shell surface is smooth with a polished appearance
The colour varies from pale olive green to brown sometimes with faint spiral bands. The interior of the shell is yellowish with a tinge of purple and marked with dark purple spiral bands.
Operculum: 2 times higher than wide and calcified.
Body: ?
Eggs: The calcareous, white eggs are deposited above the waterline on the mud.

Food: Various water plants.
Pila pesmei aestivates during the dry season. The snails bury themselves deep into the mud and can be found to depts of 1 m.
Distribution: Asia: Cambodia, India.



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