Lanistes ellipticus (v. Martens, 1866)




Species note: Lanistes ellipticus resembles Lanistes solidus. Both species inhabit Lake Malawi, although at different habitats: Lanistes solidus resides at the edge of the lake, whereas Lanistes ellipticus is more abundant in the marshes surrounding the lake. Also, Lanistes solidus is endemic to Lake Malawi, while Lanistes ellipticus can be found at many places in Central and Southern Africa. Nevertheless, Lanistes solidus could be considered a heavier, lacustrine (lake specific) form of Lanistes ellipticus.
Shell: -
Operculum: The operculum is corneous. The structure is concentric with the nucleus near the centre of the shell.
Body: Brown foot with small light speckles equally distributed over the sole and whole visible body.
Eggs: The aquatic eggs are encapsulated in a gelatinous mass and deposited on the vegetation.
Habitat: Lanistes ellipticus can be found in marshes, pools, small lakes of Central an Southern Africa.

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