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The new world genus Felipponea (Dall, 1919) contains 3 known species (however it could turn out to be only 2). The type species is Felipponea neritiformis (Dall, 1919).
These snails live in turbulent waters like small streaming rivers. This is reflected in their neritoid shape (less resitance) and strong, thick shell. Snails with large and fragile shells won't survive the conditions in this environment.

Felipponea neritiformis.


Characteristics of the genus Felipponea:

 Felipponea Shell: surface: smooth
shape: neritoid, sex difference in shape
direction: right (dextral)
whorls: round base with flat upper part
shell-opening (aperture): neritoid
umbilicus: narrow
colour: yellow with some faint spiral bands
Operculum: corneous
Body: head (cephalic) tentacles: short
labial tentacles: medium
breathing siphon: none
Eggs: aquatic


Note: Fabio Faraco is doing research on the Felipponea genus and he expressed his doubts about the existence of 3 different species in this genus. The different species described might be caused by the obvious difference between the male and the female snail (take a look at Felipponea neritiformis).
In such case, only 2 Felipponea species exist as far as know. Keep in mind that the last word in this hasn't been said.



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