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The old world (Africa and Asia) genus Pila contains around 30 species. The type species is Pila ampullacea (Linné, 1758).
The status of some at least 2 Pila members is still unclear and it remains to be seen wether or not these snails could be classified in a seperate genus: Turbinicola (Annandale & Prashad, 1921) or that it's more justified to create a sub-genus Pila (Turbinicola).
The type species is Turbinicola saxea (Annandale & Prashad, 1929).

Older Pila snails have a calcified inside of the operculum (shell door). This is characteristic for the snails of the Pila genus and hasn't been described by the other genera of the Ampullariidae family.
The eggs are white, calcified and deposited above the water surcae on vegetation, rocks, or other objects. No coloured eggs are known in this genus, which makes the a good exclusion criteria, once the eggs have any colour.

  • Pila africana (v. Martens, 1886)
  • Pila ampullacea (Linné, 1758)
  • Pila brohardi (Granger, 1892)
  • Pila cecillei (Philipi, 1848)
  • Pila conica (Gray, 1828)
  • Pila globosa (Swainson, 1822)
  • Pila occidentalis (Mousson, 1887)
  • Pila ovata (Olivier, 1804)
  • Pila pesmei (Morelet, 1889)
  • Pila polita (Deshayes, 1830)
  • Pila saxea (Reeve, 1856)
  • Pila scutata (Housson, 1848)
  • Pila speciosa (Philipi, 1849)
  • Pila virens (Lamarck)
  • Pila wernei (Philipi, 1851)
Pila ampullacea
Pila ampullacea.


Subgenus Turbinicola
  • Pila (Turbinicola) aperta (Prashad, 1925)
  • Pila (Turbinicola) saxea (Annandale & Prashad, 1921


Characteristics of the genus Pila:

Pila Shell: surface: smooth to rough (growth lines)
shape: egg-shaped, ovoid to globose
direction: right (dextral)
whorls: round
shell-opening (aperture): oval to egg-shaped
umbilicus: wide, narrow to closed
colour: yellow, dark brown to almost black, with or without spiral bands
Operculum: corneous outside calcified inside
Body: head (cephalic) tentacles: long
labial tentacles: long
breathing siphon: medium
colour: grey-yellow to grey, with dark spots
Eggs: above the waterline



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