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The new world genus Marisa (Gray, 1824) contains 2 known species.
Due to their a discoidal shell (the spine isn't elevated above the body whorl and thus making the shell almost flat), these snails are not always recognized as being an apple snails. However, from an based on the anatomy, these snails definately belong to the Ampullariidae snails are are probably closely related to the Asolene genus.
In the aquarium trade these snail are often know as the 'giant ramhorn snails'.
Type species is Marisa cornuarietis (Gray, 1824, originally described as Marisa intermedia).
The genus name Ceratodes (Guilding) is a junior synonym for Marisa.

  • Marisa chiquitensis = synonym for Marisa cornuarietis (Linné, 1758)
  • Marisa cornuarietis (Linné, 1758)
Marisa cornuarietis
Marisa cornuarietis.


Characteristics of the genus Marisa:

 Marisa Shell: surface: smooth, with growth lines in adult snails
shape: discoidal (all whorls in one plane, no eleveated spine)
direction: right (dextral)
whorls: round
shell-opening (aperture): kidney-shape
umbilicus: wide
colour: yellow to dark brown with 0 to 6 dark spiral bands
Operculum: corneous
Body: head (cephalic) tentacles: long
labial tentacles: long
breathing siphon: short
colour: gray-yellow with or without (yellow variety) dark spots
Eggs: aquatic



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