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1998 Top

(06/05): Update.
(26/06): Update.
(23/11): A gif-movie of a beating snail heart. Click here to view!

1999 Top

(20/09) Did you always wanted to know how a snail grows its shell? Have a look here...
(21/09): The species lists for the genera Pila, Turbinicola, Saulea and Lanistes.
(25/10): Overview picture of the female snail anatomy.
(05/11): Picture of banded Pomacea diffusa (bridgesii) snail, new picture of Marisa cornuarietis and Pomacea flagellata.
(08/11): Included some pictures scattered throughout this site in a new picture page (page 4).
(09/11): Enhanced species section: added an overview of the genera characteristics.
(12/11): Picture of the male genital organs, improved anatomy overview pictures and various text changes.
(28/11): Extensive rework of the digestive system and a new section (behaviour) added.
(02/12): Added Pila ovata and Pila wernei information and updated behaviour section with predator's list.
(08/12): Updated the anatomy of the eye. Update of the nomenclature section.
(09/12): Updated the heart and kidney anatomy, added Lanistes ovum, updated link section and many small textual changes.
(15/12): Added information about the defence mechanisms of apple snails against predators in the behaviour section.
(20/12): New picture page and new info added in the behaviour section.
(26/12): Added an index page and a section about various topics.

2000 Top

(09/01): Various small updates. FAQ update (topic about fish chemicals added).  Added some new links in the link section.
(10/01): Start of the general aquatic snail info page. Updated the shell anatomy: hyperstrophic sinistral explanation.
(11/01): Update of Pila, Lanistes and Felipponea with new pictures (thanks Martin KCL!). Update of Pomacea urceus.
(16/01): Restructured the link section. Updated the circulation section. Added egg defence mechanisms.
(18/01): New flagellata shell pictures and new picture page added.
(23/01): Updated the species world-map (species locations are now included) and some minor changes.
(26/01): Picture of a sinistral Marisa cornuarietis snail. New picture of mating snails. New dissection photographs ( 1 & 2 ).
(28/01): Mini-guide to identify the most common apple snails available in the aquarium trade.
(03/02): Improved navigation in the species section.
(10/02): Update of the 'various snails' section.
(15/02): New: Quick basic guide. Joined the Invertebrate Ring (see bottom). Various small updates.
(02/03): Today I received a set of Pomacea flagellata flagellata apple snails from Brian Kabbes. Thanks!
(05/03): Improved species navigation. Improved 'various' navigation.
(09/03): New pictures added of Pomacea flagellata subspecies flagellata.
(20/03): Updating the Pomacea section and building a species database.
(30/03): Added pictures in the 'non-apple snail' section. New picture of egg laying snails in the guide section.
(02/04): 'How-to-recognize an apple snail?' added. Reworked photograph section (better structured).
(10/04): Several small corrections. Added some new links.
(18/04): New sections added: 'What to do with an apple snail?' and 'How to make snail photos?'
(19/04): Several changes in the 'look and feel' of the site.
(20/04): Improved 'index' section: added a site map and navigation basics.
(22/04): Several updates throughout the site. 
(27/04): Added new info about snail eradication. Updated the link section.
(29/04): Basic structure of the 'What to do with an apple snail' section. Improved the various section.
(03/05): The site is now sponsored by Stichting de Digitale Stad, which enables me to add more topics in the future. Thanks to the DDS team!
(04/05): New URL: http://www.dds.nl/~snc.
(06/05): New photograph of the snail kite (Rostrhamus sociabilis), a major apple snail predator in the neotropics.
(14/05): Added some apple snails recipes in the 'Eating apple snails' section. Various small updates.
(18/05): New photograps in the 'Diseases' section.
(20/05): Various small navigational improvements.
(27/05): Internal site reorganization; mainly name changes. This should have no direct effect on the appearance.
(28/05): Updated the 'Links' section: added a list of Musea and collections.
(29/05): Added some more information about the eye anatomy.
(03/06): Peter Clarkson donated a serie of stunning photograps to display on this website.
(04/06): Updated the 'snail disease' section and added some new photographs (Ecology: aestivation photo; Respiration: Marisa photo).
(06/06): Added a small movie of a little Marisa cornuarietis snail inside an egg.
(11/06): Photograph of a Viviparidae (Viviparus viviparus) and an unusual Planorbidae (Ancylus sp.) in the 'Various snails' section.
(12/06): Some minor updates and a new anatomy picture illustrating the mantle structure.
(18/06): Added new photographs from Teri Tibbetts (Thanks!).
(19/06): Site reorganization (not visible) and complete rework of the photographs section to ease further growth.
(21/06): 7 New photographs: a breathing Marisa cornuarietis, an old Pomacea diffusa and more... Visit the photographs section.
(07/07): Frank Steuerwald sended me a bunch of beautiful blue Pomacea diffusa snails. Thanks a lot!
(08/07): Added some photographs of a blue Pomacea diffusa snail in the 'photographs' section.
(09/07): Another beautifull photograph of Peter Clarkson has been added to the photographs section.
(16/07): A comprehensive version of this site in Dutch (Nederlands)! Hopefully other languages will follow soon...
(17/07): Added a German version of the comprehensive version of this site. Thanks to Andrea Roithmeier (http://roian.cjb.net)!
(22/07): A set of beautiful Asolene shells arrived with the mail from Fabio Faraco!
Check out the photographs from these shells: Asolene (Asolene) spixi, Asolene (Asolene) sp. and Asolene (Pomella) megastoma.
(23/07): Reorganised the 'species' section: Pomella and Felipponea are arranged under Asolene. Turbinicola has been added to the Pila section. Any remarks regarding this are welcome.
(28/07): Content and layout are now partly seperated to ease the maintainance of the site.
(29/07): New front page: now with photograph of the moment.
(30/07): Added a new Felipponea photographs from Fabio Faraco. Check out these great photographs!
(11/08): Got a package with apple snails from Sandra Shumilla. These snails could turn out to be the *very* large Pomacea maculata (15cm/6inch) apple snails! Photographs will follow soon.
(13/08): Recieved a photograph from Felipponea eggs from Fabio Faraco. This is probably the first photograph of these aquatic eggs on the net!
(15/08): Edgar J. Gil I. mailed some great photographs from a Pomacea sp. he collected from a pond close to Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of the Amazonas state in Venezuela.
(16/08): Added some new photographs from the blue variant from Pomacea diffusa (bridgesii) and from a walking Mexican Pomacea flagellata flagellata snail.
(26/08): Complete reorganization of the 'Various' section: better overview of the different sections.
(27/08): Updated various pages as new articles have arrived. Still much work to do...
(02/09): Added a new photograph of a Pomacea diffusa snail, donated by Caroline Tascon.
(03/09): Added a "Print this page" option. You can find it at the left bottom of every page.
(12/09): Five great photographs of Pomacea paludosa are added. Thanks to "newleafgraphics.com" for this valuable donation.
(17/09): Great photographs of the Florida swamps and a wonderful illustration of a Limpkin made by Mary Adore Coloney added. Thanks for this great addition!
(26/09): 18 beautiful photographs taken by CHAN Sow-Yan in Singapore and Malaysia. Thanks for this great contribution!
(07/10): New photograph of a Pomacea diffusa snail added in the 'literature' section. Thanks to Pam Spencer.
(08/10): New apple snail recipe from the Philippines, where this snail is known as "Kuhol". Thanks to Mr. M.S. dela Cruz and Dr. R.C. Joshi for this excellent contribution.
(09/10): Uli Aritonang from Indonesia mailed some interesting photographs showing the introduced apple snail species Pomacea canaliculata. See the 'Eradication' section.
(10/10): Several minor updates (some better descriptions in the species section and in the anatomy section).
(12/10): Technical update: It's now possible to print pages in Netscape and to open a specific page in a separate frame. Finally :)
(15/10): New section: Apple snails and culture with a contribution from Uli Aritonang about the "Keong Emas", Golden Snail, Imax Theather in Jakarta, Indonesia.
(20/10): Movies! Not only photographs on this website, but also some (small) movies. Try to find them :) (insiders tip go to the Asolene pages).
(21/10): Photographs added of Asolene spixi and Asolene megastoma. These snails are provided by Fabio Faraco. Thanks Fabio!
(22/10): Updated the Keong Emas section and soon to be expected within days: A golden snail tale from Indonesia! Thanks to Uli Aritonang.
(23/10): The Indonesian tale of the Golden Snail Princess. Contributed by Uli Aritonang.
(10/11): Added two Planorbis photographs from Heather Lynch. They are simply better the one I made myself :)
(22/11): Added new 'photograph of the moment'. Preparing some Pomacea flagellata photographs.
(29/11): The 'various freshwater snails' section has been updated with a small identification guide.
(30/12): Some small corrections and addition of a banner in standard size (486 x 60 pixels).

2001 Top

(26/01): Lots of small updates throughout website and addition of a page with author's experiences.
(31/01): Added high-resolution photographs, including some nice scripts. Look and find...
(05/02): Believe it or not: A Russian version of the basic apple snail page! Thanks to Timofey Slavkin for his translation efforts!
(10/02): Added a Discussion board to applesnail.net and a new guestbook. Hopefully it all works well.
(18/02): A new voting/polling system is now added. This should make it much easier for me to maintain and add polls to the site.
(22/02): Added new photographs in the 'respiration', the 'snail problems', the 'author's experiences' and the 'Pomacea diffusa (bridgesii)' section.
(27/02): Microscopic images of the intestine, the digestive gland and the albumen gland added.
(11/03): Added a new item: The apple snail knowledge test! Do the apple snail test and get on the hall of fame: [click here].
(13/03): New photograph of the moment (see top of page) and a new photograph in the 'ecology' section. Thanks Joanne Williams!
(29/03): Bibliography on the golden apple snail (Arsenia G. Cagauan, Ravindra C. Joshi and Mario S. Dela Cruz) added.
(07/04): Lanistes lybicus photographs added. Thanks to Gerald Depaus (http://perso.infonie.be/pomacea).
(14/04): Start of the 'embryology section'. Currently only one picture added...
(15/04): Updated the indexpage: sitemap and key-words list. Large site reorganisation (easier to maintain, no visible changes).
(16/04) Update of the discussion board (improved scipt) and the Guestbook (link issues solved).
(19/04): Several small updates, mainly in the 'snail problems' section.
(23/04): New additions in the 'embryology section'. New photographs and texts...
(03/05): Further additions in the 'embryology section' and several small updates.
(14/05): Small update in the 'respiration' section (anatomy); added 2 new photographs and added 2 new small movies.
(30/05): Reworking the embryology section: dividing it in several pages.
(31/05): Received new photographs and info about Asolene megastoma, Pomacea scalaris and more... to be added soon.
(02/06): Added new 'embryology' section to main menu. Start wrtiting text for embryology section (not added yet).
(03/06): Fixing several broken internal links. Removed unused illustrations. Added robots.txt to avoid discussion board being indexed.
(04/06): Added scripts to avoid e-mail addresses being ripped by search-bots (I hate being spammed).
(05/06): Added history section with list of updates and additions (where you are currentrly looking at). Added new 'photo of the moment'.
(05/06): Added picture of mating Lanistes lybicus snails (Thanks Gerald Depaus!). Added photograph and information provided by M.G. Quintana (Thanks!). Check out the Pomacea scalaris page.
(06/06): Rearrangement of the 'Author ' section: splited in several new sections under a new menu-item: 'site information'. Also created new illustrations for this section.
(07/06): Corrected a nasty bug in the 'Did you know' script. It explains the unacceptable number of 'file not found' errors in the weblog.
(07/06): Added topic about shell dissolving to the 'FAQ' section and corrected some typos.
(10/06): Added new page: A page with excerpts from the most repaeting topics on the discussion board: 'The best of discussion'.
(12/06): Text of stage I and stage II of the embryology section are added. No pictures yet...
(13/06): New mpeg movie of an Asolene megastoma snail opening its mouth. Also new way of presenting movies introduced.
(28/06): Added two new pictures from Martin KCL: Pila wernei and Pila ovata. More info about these shells and other Ampullarid snails: http://members.aol.com/mkohl1/Ampullariidae.html.
(28/06): Added picture of apple snail eggs on a hand. Picture donated by Andrea Korb (Thanks!). Check out her website: http://www.faultlessperfection.com.
(30/06): Texts describing stage III and stage IV of the embryonic development added. Still need to do some proofreading... :)
(01/07): Added text of stage V of the embryonic development of apple snails.
(02/07): Made a link to the chat area from the discussion board. Still need to add a sort of calendar to people can arrange chat sessions...
(03/07): Added text of stage VI of the embryology in apple snails. Definately have to do some proofreading... Fixed error in chat-page (thanks Andrew).
(07/07): People want games? People get games: a crossword puzzle :)
(08/07): Photographs of albino Pomacea diffusa snail added and several small updates all over the site.
(11/07): Second release of "The original apple snail destop theme" (for windows). Download here and read included intructions.
(12/07): From now on IE5+ browsers should display a snail icon on the URL line window when visiting the website (favicon.ico for insiders), bug fixed.
(13/07): Update of the 'literature' section: included about 10 previously unlisted articles.
(14/07): Finally there: 3D-models of apple snail shells (Pomacea diffusa, Pomacea canaliculata and Asolene megastoma) with navigation!
(18/07): Added 2 more 3D-models and integrated these in the site. Also updated the 'Care' section.
(20/07): 3D models have been further optimized (both loading as well navigation). They now also appear in a pop-up window.
(21/07): Added a 3D-model of an embryo in stage 4.
(22/07): Improved navigation of 3D-model of stage 4 embryo, added 3d-model of stage and 3-D model of stage 2.
(23/07): Message board crashed! Had to reset it. Data saved, but not accessible. Also added 3-D model of stage 3 of embryonic development.
(25/07): A picture of Pomacea maculata is now listed as haustrum. Added several pictures of Pomacea species. Small corrections in the 3D-section.
(26/07): Corrected text in the 'Experiences of the author' section, based on suggestion from Sarah Adele (thanks Sarah!).
(26/07): Added a photographs of the green eggs of Pomacea haustrum (Thanks Bobby Jezeski!). Added Pila virens to the species section.
(29/07): New database (MySQL) driven messageboard (phpBB) activated. Placed announcement in the old messageboard system.
(30/07): Replaced the old board with the new one. Added customized 404 error page with report form.
(05/08): Some small corrections, based on Sarah's suggestions (thanks!). And new 3-model (Asolene spixi) added, as well a picture of these snails mating.
(06/08): New 3D-models: Pila brohardi and Pila ampullacea.
(08/08): Added 3D-model of Marisa cornuarietis, improved the Pomacea diffusa model and fixed a small bug in the Asolene spixi model.
(14/08): Pomacea maculata illustration from Perry's Conchology, or the Natural History of Shells.
(16/08): New 3D-model of aquatic eggs, based on Marisa cornuarietis eggs. 3D-models of Pomacea eggs are almost finished... ;)
(19/08): 3D-model of aerial Pomacea eggs on a trunk added.
(20/08): Reworked the 'Photo' section: added '3D-models' and 'Series'. Updated the literature section and the Pila globosa and ampullacea pages.
(22/08): New Pomacea paludosa shell pictures, contributed by the The Jacksonville Shell Club. Thanks!
(24/08): New way to differentiate male and female snails (although only usable during the reproductive season in snails with a translucent shell).
(27/08): Added some information about the sperm cell types, found in apple snails. Update in the literature section.
(29/08): Fixed a small javascript bug in the front page (shame on me :) ), added 2 new articles to the literature list and worked some more on snail-colour page.
(01/09): Update in the literature section (added article about termination of aestivation in Pila ovata).
(03/09): Improved the navigation in 'ecology' section and in the 'care' section.
(06/09): Updated the 'Colour genes' section, based on the helpful comments and suggestions of Michael Marcotrigiano. Thanks!
(07/09): Small change in the 'Embryology' sections qnd in the 'General species' page.
(08/09): Added photographs of Lymnea auricularia and Lymnea ovata; both photographs are donated by E. Wullschleger. Thanks!
(09/09): Improved the Poll script: now one can see the results of the past polls.
(15/09): Fixed small bug in 'Care' section and in the 'Species' section.
(16/09): Added some new info about nutritional value of apple snail meat in the 'Eating apple snails' section.
(26/09): Updated the 'Quick care guide', the 'Care' section and the 'Snail problems and diseases' section.
(14/10): Finaly a decent Portuguese translation! Thanks to Fábio André Faraco from Brasil.
(30/10): Improved 'top of page' button on all pages and several small fixes.
(01/11): Started to rework the Felipponea section with the aid and materials from Fábio André Faraco. Thanks!
(03/11): Added 3 photographs from Pila virens, var. Layardi snails collected in Sri-lanka and photographed by Andreas Karge (http://www.wirbellose.de).
(04/11): New page: Pila africana with photographs from Gerald Depaus. Thanks Gerald! (http://perso.infonie.be/pomacea).
(05/11): Added high-res picture of Asolene sp. and Pomacea flagellata. Unified the navigation a bit more (nearly all page a back-button on top).
(09/11): New contribution from Fábio André Faraco: a well written and comprehensive page about Felipponea iheringi (in Portuguese).
(09/11): Improved the section about the apple snail vision (new picture and more text).
(18/11): Improved the 'circulation scheme' of the apple snail (as part of a lesson preparation ;) ).
(21/11): Big surprise: Juan Carlos made a Spanish translation of the basic guide! It listed here, as well on his website: Aquagarden. Thanks Juan!
(24/11): Another translation! A Romanian version of the basic guide. Translated by Ana Simpetru, check out this website: www.acvariu.ro.
(27/12): New section: 'Pest alert', with new information about spreading in Asia and an Alert poster by Drs. T. Wada, Y. Yusa, and R. C. Joshi.
(28/12): Added new link (http://www.ciencia-hoy.retina.ar/hoy66/sudamericano.htm) to the link section.

2002 Top

(15/01): Updated the link section.
(19/01): Updated the Bibliography on the golden apple snail page and the literature section (added two new articles: Joshi 2001 and Tillman 2001).
(31/01): Updated the link section, the digestion page, the care section, the literature list, the reproduction page.
(11/02): Improved the zoom-in popup window script. Not visible, but easier to maintain for me :)
(12/02): Added an preliminary version of the "Management of the Golden Apple Snail" guide from PhilRice. Will be improved soon!
(14/02): New shell photographs added. Will be added to the species pages as well.
(16/02): Added Pila ampullacea pictures (live specimen, sinsitral shell and sideview shell). Updated links section. Added page Pomacea cumingi and columellaris. Added picture in 'eating snails' section. Several small improvements and corrections.
(17/02): Completed the Pomacea cumingi and columellaris pages. New: picture of Pomacea canaliculata habitat (thanks to M.C. Damborenea & G. Darrigran). Added a photo of a fossil Pomacea paludosa shell (Bermont formation, Florida, Pleistocene), donated by Stichting Schepsel Schelp.
(18/02): Improved the 'Management Options for the Golden Apple Snail' page.
(19/02): Tweaked the 'zoom-in' popup script. No difference for the reader, but easier for me to maintain...
(20/02): Worked on the 'Management Options for the Golden Apple Snail' page. Added high-res Marisa cornuarietis and Asolene spixi photo.
(27/02): Improved the 'new' menu bar. Re-make of the front page photograph.
(02/03): Added new pictures (Asolene sp., Marisa cornuarietis, Asolene spixi) and new species page: Lanistes varicus.
(03/03): Linked to new menu bar. Thanks go to Ger Versluis (www.burmees.nl) for creating this menu system. Updated 'Pest alert' page.
(11/03): Added new Asolene columellaris photos and a page about Asolene platae.
(23/03): Added a new page about Lanistes nyassanus. Note, Applesnail has been hacked this day. :(
(24/03): New pages: Lanistes solidus and Lanistes ellipticus. Added the text for stage 7 of the embryonic development.
(31/03): Updated the literature section. Added 6 articles.
(03/04): Received several articles and a beautiful photographs of fire ants predating on apple snail eggs. Thanks Yoichi Yusa, this is a valuable addition to this website! More about these subjects (ants, rats etc related to apple snails) soon.
(13/04): Added a page about the fire ant Solenopsis geminata.
(14/04): Corrected the 'Solenopsis geminata' page. Added an abstract (more will follow soon). Added Pest alert pamphlet (PDF, 130kb).
(15/04): Added new page: Asolene pulchella and updated the Pomacea insularum page, this with information and photos fom Helen Racz Lorenz. Thanks Helen! Also added some more abstracts to the 'literature' section. Added new article to the list as well.
(17/04): Updated the literature list and added some more abstracts.
(19/04): Updated the Pomacea diffusa (bridgesii) and the Pomacea scalaris page. Now you can read why this diffusa is called 'diffusa (bridgesii)'...
(27/04): Interesting report added: The long-horned grasshopper eats golden kuhol eggs! Read more here.
(02/05): Added 4 new photographs of Pomacea haustrum shells.
(03/05): A great surprise this morning: Veronika Nagy (http://www.animaldst.esmartweb.com) made a hungarian translation! Thanks!
(16/05): Updated the literature section with references to articles of RH Cowie, University of Hawaii.
(17/05): Added a small movie of "a travel through a apple snail" (mpeg1, 296kb).
(18/05): Updated the 'photographs' section: added a 'movies' page and a 'reconstructing an apple snail' page.
(20/05): Added a new entry page for the website: 'The apple snail as pest', with a lot of pest related information.
(30/05): After wrestling with Vietnamese characters in html pages, I finally added a Vietnamese translation of the 'Pest management guide' (Thanks to Mr. Cuong for his efforts to translate!).
(08/06): Fixed some site links.
(23/06): Added illustration from "Knight's Pictorial Museum of Animated Nature", London 1844. I found this plate on an antique-market today.
(30/06): Made the Indonesian version of the 'Pest management guide' available (Thanks to Ms. Hendarsih Suharto for the translation).
(04/07): Made an overview page of all genera maps. Still working on the 3D snail anatomy model (starts to look good).
(13/07): Speed improvement for low-bandwith surfers: Larger pages from this website are now compressed by the server before sending.
(15/07): Updated Links page and the distribution of Pomacea canaliculata, Pomacea diffusa and Marisa cornuarietis.
(19/07): Improved and corrected Spanish version of the 'Basic guide to keep apple snails'. Thanks to Ms. M. Masuda from Japan.
(12/08): Updated the 'discussion board' to a newer system. Many improvements...
(13/08): Several fixes on the 'discussion board'.
(18/08): Improving 'discussion board' bit by bit.
(20/08): Added a drawing made to the 'illustrations section'.
(20/08): Finally managed to get 'Conchologica Iconica, Reeve 1856'. Now I can finally tell if P. diffusa should end with -i or -ii...
(22/08): Added some very interesting new information: 'A symbiotic prokaryote living inside the midgut gland of the apple snail?' Look here.
(23/08): Added a new page about the "Number of chromosomes" in various apple snail species.
(24/08): Reworked the 'Pomacea' section: added the new insights and idea's about how to deal with the taxonomy.
(25/08): Changed the name of Pomacea bridgesi to Pomacea diffusa, based on the original description of Reeve, 1856.
(27/08): Updated the 'digestion' section: added pictures of the midgut gland corpuscles.
(29/08): Updated several Pomacea species pages.
(04/09): Cyanida made a great contribution: a Swedish version of the 'basic' apple snail guide! Thanks a lot Cyanida!
(06/09): Added 3 pictures of the putative symbiont in the midgut gland of Pomacea, donated by Alfredo Castro-Vazques et al. Thanks!
(15/09): Started a new project: making 'Conchologica Iconica, Reeve 1856' on-line available. Thanks go out to all participants.
(16/09): Update of many pages. 'Care' section (survival temperatures), 'species' section, 'ecology' section, 'faq' (speed) and more.
(20/09): CanynBugBarb donated a picture of a white shelled, red banded Pomacea diffusa photograph. See the 'Genetics' section.
(30/09): Israel Yang translated the 'Basic guide to keep apple snails' into Chinese! Thanks!
(06/10): Added new picture of Asolene sp. eggs.
(31/10): The basic guide for keeping apple snails is translated into Italian! Thanks to Mario Scarpa, who made this excellent contribution!
(10/11): Added new information about the life cycle of apple snails.
(14/11): It took a long long time, but finally a interactive 3D anatomy model! see 'the digestive system' page.
(19/11): Made some small updates and added two pictures (digestion page:open mouth and ecology page: inactive snail)
(21/12): Added a new picture of Pomacea canaliculata, showing the eyes better then the previous picture.
(22/12): New galery: Chris Lukhaup made a number of beautiful photographs. Added new photos in 'digestion', 'foot' and 'senses'.

2003 Top

(01/01): Finally an update on the 3-dimensional anatomical models: Added an interactive model of the circulation!
(24/01): Latest update: complete interactive 3D-model of the snail anatomy! It took a while (10 months) to complete :)
(16/02): Added page with photograph of a Lanistes purpureus shell.
(19/02): Added photograph of a painting of Ambrosius Bosschaert (1573-1621), on which a Pila sp. shell is depicted.
(01/03): Applesnail.net anniversary: 5 Years applesnail.net!!!!
(25/03): Fixed some broken links.
(06/04): Reworked the literature section. Improved navigation and added 'Old books' page.
(08/04): The 'links' section is now linked to the database. This makes it much easier to maintain and evaluate.
(09/04): Added more illustrations and text to the 'old books' page.
(12/04): The basic information page is now available in Korean! Thanks to °ΤΈ®~ =^_^= for the translation!
(13/04): Updated the 'shell' section (added info + picture about the columellar muscle) and added Pila conica page.
(14/04): Added old book illustrations (Haldeman) and simplified the menu-bar to speed up loading of the front page.
(16/04): Added new information about the sex ratio in apple snails and replaves horizontal menu-bar gifs by css based text-boxes.
(17/04): New photographs of the siphon added.
(23/04): Finished the electronic version of Reeve's Conchologica Iconica, chapter 10: Ampullaria!!
(25/04): Added French translation of the basic guide. Thanks to Derek C. Frost for making this available!
(30/04): New 'photo of the moment' (R. C. Joshi; Pila conica) and reworked the intro page (added recent discussion topics headers).
(02/05): Electronic version of old book: "Mollusques de L'Amerique du Sud" (Hupe 1857). Now available!
(08/05): Added new guestbook system.
(10/07): Added 'tooltips' to the intro page (tooltips are handy info boxes that appear when hoovering over a button).
(12/07): Made some corrections to the translated pages. (see intro page for translated pages).
(13/07): Donya Quick made an excellent drawing of an apple snail. Permission was given to put it on applesnail.net :) ...
(15/07): Lars Olaf Simonsen for making a Norwegian (bokmål) translation of the basic guide. Thanks for this valuable addition!

2004 Top

(15/02): Cleaned up the text of the main page and the ecology page.
(13/07): Finally another update: Cleaned the embryology section, added link in genetrics section, updated main page.
(15/10): Last month I moved to another host provider. There is more space now, that allowed further growth and addition of a photoalbum for members of the forum.
(19/10): Added two photographs of Pomacea paludosa snails that I received from Amanda Sutherland, and which were made by Lina Tomlin.
(01/12): Updates species determination page: added Pomacea haustrum.

2005 Top

(28/01): Gabriela Diosiova made a translation into Slovak!
(19/11): Start of Wiki.applesnail.net
(20/11): Updated 'recipes' page.
(20/11): Made a start with applying the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License to applesnail.net pages.

2011 Top

(06/01): Major change: Pomacea bridgesii is now Pomacea diffusa.

2013 Top

(18/01): Corrected some errors on various pages. Added new picture to Pomacea bridgesii page and adapted text in the Pomacea diffusa page.




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